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Life is busy. Especially with small children it’s often difficult to make time for yoga. And once the kids are in school there is very little time to truly connect and have fun together.

I believe that families deserve to have the time and space to re-connect with each other.

I believe that every single family member, regardless of their age deserves to feel healthy, strong and balanced and have the tools to cope with what ever life throws at them.

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I’m a registered Yoga Alliance teacher and teach yoga classes in New Malden for both adults and families. I also teach private classes in New Malden, Raynes Park, Worcester Park, Kingston and surrounding areas.

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My blog is about family life and yoga. The joys, the challenges and how to find time for yoga. How to do yoga with the whole family, how to stay fit and healthy and anything else I love!



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Yes I know, I t's been a bit quiet on the Yogaberry blog lately. This is not because I've decided that actually I don't like yoga (or smoothies) anymore or hate writing blog posts but more that I've been focusing on other parts of the business like teaching yoga and making videos... I can tell you there are lots of exciting things coming up...! So what else have I been up to?& [...]

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I've recently started teaching post-natal yoga classes and it made me look back at that very special time, the first few months after my children were born. They are now 4 and nearly 3 years old and even though it hasn't actually been that long, it feels like a lifetime since those early sleepless nights! I am getting a lot more sleep now... even though at least one of [...]

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Yoga & Slendertone?

I've recently met the team from Slendertone at an event and have been asked to review one of their toning belts from the point of view of a yoga teacher so here is my honest review: Slendertone Connects Abs A toning belt? For a yoga teacher? Really?? Ok, so before you start to scream and shout that toning belts and yoga REALLY don't go together then I have to say that I agree [...]

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