Life is busy. Especially with small children it’s often difficult to make time for yoga. And once the kids are in school there is very little time to truly connect and have fun together.

I believe that families deserve to have the time and space to re-connect with each other.

I believe that every single family member, regardless of their age deserves to feel healthy, strong and balanced and have the tools to cope with what ever life throws at them.

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I’m a registered Yoga Alliance teacher and teach yoga classes in New Malden for both adults and families. I also teach private classes in New Malden, Raynes Park, Worcester Park, Kingston and surrounding areas.

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My blog is about family life and yoga. The joys, the challenges and how to find time for yoga. How to do yoga with the whole family, how to stay fit and healthy and anything else I love!



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Urban Yoga Retreat in London

I would love to go on a weeks yoga retreat in Italy or Bali... Unfortunately with two little kids and a husband this is not realistic at the moment. I wouldn't really want to go away without my family and they would not be happy to go on a yoga retreat (other retreat guests might also not appreciate a screaming toddler during relaxation...)! Let alone the fact of course that it [...]

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15 Day Yoga Challenge

Welcome to our 15 Day Yoga Challenge Maybe you're a bit tired of your own practise and want to go back to basics or maybe you're a complete beginner. It doesn't really matter as wherever you are you can join us in this 15 day yoga challenge. If you have an Instagram account then follow us on and @yogawithzaz and post your pictures every day using the hashtag [...]

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How yoga can help you to be a better parent

Do you find yourself in situations where you're shouting at your kids and don't event know why anymore? Well, you probably know why you're shouting but maybe you think afterwards that it really wasn't necessary...? I completely get it. I'm not naturally a "shouty" person but since I've had my kids who are now 2 and 4 years old I seem to be constantly barking out orde [...]

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TPlus Green Tea with added Vitamins

I love tea.. All kinds of tea. Green tea, black tea, white tea, fruity tea, herbal tea you name it! There is nothing more comforting to me in the evenings and nothing better to start the day with first thing in the morning. As the days are getting colder and the cough-and-cold season starts soon enough it's lovely to enjoy a hot drink... It's also a good time to think about [...]

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