Life is busy. Especially with small children it’s often difficult to make time for yoga. And once the kids are in school there is very little time to truly connect and have fun together.

I believe that families deserve to have the time and space to re-connect with each other.

I believe that every single family member, regardless of their age deserves to feel healthy, strong and balanced and have the tools to cope with what ever life throws at them.

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I’m a registered Yoga Alliance teacher and teach yoga classes in New Malden for both adults and families. I also teach private classes in New Malden, Raynes Park, Worcester Park, Kingston and surrounding areas.

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My blog is about family life and yoga. The joys, the challenges and how to find time for yoga. How to do yoga with the whole family, how to stay fit and healthy and anything else I love!



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A winning combination: Green Tea with added Vitamins – Review & Competition

I love tea.. All kinds of tea. Green tea, black tea, white tea, fruity tea, herbal tea you name it! There is nothing more comforting to me in the evenings and nothing better to start the day with first thing in the morning. As the days are getting colder and the cough-and-cold season starts soon enough it's lovely to enjoy a hot drink... It's also a good time to think about [...]

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How to find the perfect Yoga Teacher

So you want to start doing yoga or maybe you have been doing yoga for a while but you haven't found your perfect yoga teacher yet? Or maybe you don't think it's about the teacher but more about a convenient time and location? Just to put things straight from the start. There is no perfect yoga teacher. Yoga teachers are not perfect! Far from it actually...  just talkin [...]

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Dads do Yoga!

I don't know if this qualifies as a Captured Moment but this here is Rod from Modern Dads Pages doing a great yoga pose! Who is Rod, you might ask? And if you know his blog you might ask, why is he doing yoga all of the sudden? Well it's actually quite exciting... there are a bunch of very enthusiastic Daddy Bloggers on Instagram who do yoga all of the sudden!! [...]

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Mixed emotions… First day of school!

How could I not write a blog post on this special day...! It's the perfect captured moment. And a very important one which we will always remember.... Maya's first day of school! Being a summer baby she is one of the youngest in her class but I'm not worried about that. She is bright, confident and by no means a push-over! I just want her to enjoy herself at this age a [...]

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