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I believe that every single family member, regardless of their age deserves to feel healthy, strong and balanced and have the tools to cope with what ever life throws at them.

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I’m a registered Yoga Alliance teacher and teach yoga classes in New Malden for both adults and families. I also teach private classes in New Malden, Raynes Park, Worcester Park, Kingston and surrounding areas.

“Individual sessions with Christine have been one of the most positive experiences. She teaches at just the right pace to suit me. Her focus on my specific problems have helped me manage my discomfort from scoliosis – it’s almost a thing of the past- as if it’s magic! Thanks Christine for your encouragement and introducing me to the power of yoga.”


Please note that there will be no classes between 1st and 16th April

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My blog is about family life and yoga. The joys, the challenges and how to find time for yoga. How to do yoga with the whole family, how to stay fit and healthy and anything else I love!



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Restorative Yoga poses to relieve shoulder tension

Achy shoulders... hands up if you DON'T suffer from them... nobody? Well that doesn't surprise me. Which is why we will focus on effective ways to relieve shoulder tension in this post. Probably the number one topic that people ask me about is neck and shoulder tension. Because we all have it at some stage. Sitting at the desk, looking at your mobile phone all day, driving [...]

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Diary of a Mama in Business – or what shall we call ourselves?

Starting up your business can be tough - if you're a mother or not. I'm still at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey and its been a slow journey as I'm starting my business while I'm at home looking after my kids who are now three and four. The last couple of years have been a constant up and down... Actually more of a pull in different directions rather than an [...]

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Win a travel candle with Yoga Bliss's competition time... Handmade Born Peaceful Travel Candle do you love using candles during your yoga or meditation practice? Or maybe just to create a relaxing ambiance in your home after a stressful day? Well, with these travel candles you can do this even when you're travelling! I know I would have certainly loved these when I was going on business trips and stayi [...]

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Get stronger in 3 weeks – YouTube series Yoga for Beginners

so here is a little something I've been working on for the last few weeks (you can tell when this was filmed on the left side of the screen :-)). This is a three weeks series for complete beginners or anyone who is looking to get back into yoga after a (baby?) break.   Yoga for Beginners - General Fitness & Core After I had my second baby I felt my core muscles had v [...]

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