Private Classes

“Individual sessions with Christine have been one of the most positive experiences. She teaches at just the right pace to suit me. Her focus on my specific problems have helped me manage my discomfort from scoliosis – it’s almost a thing of the past- as if it’s magic! Thanks Christine for your encouragement and introducing me to the power of yoga.” Avanti – New Malden

“I found Christine from her fantastic blog, Yogaberry, which I was a keen follower of. It was clear from her website that she’s not only knowledgeable but has a deep passion for yoga. Soon after I contacted her about private yoga lessons and found her extremely friendly and approachable, yet professional. She was happy to come to me or for me to do the yoga sessions at her house. As I have young children, I was happy to get away and enjoy some quiet time away from my house. I was very impressed from our first session as she took time to get a detailed history and ask me questions about my overall health and wellbeing and what my requirements were and if there was anything in particular I wanted to focus on.

The session itself was great and having done yoga before, I found Christine’s approach very client focused rather than showing me how good she was at yoga. She was there to help and coach me which is quite different to previous private and group yoga classes I’ve attended. Each yoga session has been different with her tailoring the class to how I am feeling that day. Having young children I’ve usually come into sessions quite stressed and stiff and tired but have left feeling deeply relaxed and more supple.

Christine has also sent me set yoga poses to practice for 15 minutes each day as she knows my time is limited. I’ve found this invaluable because am otherwise likely to forget. I’m extremely happy with my classes with Christine and find her style suits me perfectly. I do suspect, however, that she is very client focused and is happy to tailor her private classes to suit each clients needs.” Nisha – Kingston

Group Classes

“Christine is a natural yoga teacher, I haven’t enjoyed yoga so much since an intensive course in Kerala ten years ago. I feel invigorated and de-stressed after every class.” Ella – New Malden

“Yoga with Christine has helped me to slow down, unwind and build strength and flexibility. She takes care to provide different options for poses to find the right balance for you, while guiding with her expertise, practical approach, sense of humour and warmth.” Louise – New Malden

“I had only practiced Bikram yoga prior to coming to Christine’s Hatha Yoga classes, so I was unsure it would challenge and give me the benefits I have seen with Bikram. I have loved the classes and found it has really worked a different set of muscles and has been a wonderful experience.” Lori – New Malden

“As a yoga novice I was unsure what to expect in my first class. However, I was pleasantly surprised as the class was very unintimidating and friendly with everyone working at their own level. Christine explains the positions clearly and always gives easier (or more challenging) alternatives so that everyone is catered for. A term in and I can already feel the benefits. It’s great to finally be doing some exercise 3 years after having my daughter!!” Laura – New Malden

“Christine is an excellent teacher, she has a natural rhythm and the class is challenging and relaxing at the same time.” Kathy – New Malden

“I used to love doing yoga pre-kids but since having my son 4 years ago I’ve found it really hard to fit it in. I’m excited to have found local mum Christine whose convenient venue means I have no excuse any more. Her classes are the perfect blend of challenge and relaxation – I look forward to them every week!” Mary – New Malden

Family Yoga

“All four of us love family yoga with Christine – it’s a highlight of our Saturday morning.  It’s a chance to do something “good for the soul” together.  Christine is an engaging and imaginative teacher and there’s always a lot of laughter.  The classes have also inspired us to do yoga together at home, which is lovely.” Mimi – New Malden

Yoga classes in New Malden

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