Freedom of Movement for the Spine (Yoga Video)

Today I’m sharing my latest YouTube video which is a 30-min yoga practice for beginners to improvers. We’re concentrating on the fluidity, flow and freedom of movement for the spine in this one and I really hope you find it useful.

We’re trying to create lots of lovely space in the spine which is so important – especially if you have a job which includes sitting for long periods of time. I used to hate backbending in yoga classes as I’m naturally not very flexible but I’ve found a gentle but effective way to work through the tension in the back and creating space through movement rather than forcing my body into shapes that it might not be ready for!


More videos to come…

When I decided to make a living as yoga teacher I don’t think I quite appreciated how difficult it is.

Finding the right venue, finding enough students who come back every week, putting all the systems for payments in place and so on and so on. When I started to teach exactly two years ago and was completely exhausted after every class I taught (and I only started out with two classes a week…)

It made me realise that in order to do what I love AND support my family financially and otherwise, I need to find a way that doesn’t involve lots of travel which is why I’m concentrating on the online side of things and will be producing more videos!

I’ve also made it my mission to support anyone who might not have the chance to go to a local yoga class whatever the reason might be! So let me know what yoga videos you would find useful and I’ll do my best to create them!

I really hope you enjoy the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel 🙂

Yoga for the Spine – Watch on YouTube


Hi, I’m Christine, a mum of two and I love everything to do with yoga! My blog is about how to bring yoga into our busy family lives and how to stay fit, healthy and sane. I also teach group and private yoga classes for adults and families in New Malden and Kingston.

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