Club Hub – The Must-Have App for Kids Clubs & Classes

Have you ever tried to locate all the kids clubs & classes in your local area and found that this is a complete minefield? Have you ever tried to advertise the amazing kids classes that you offer and found it really expensive?

I’ve been in both positions which is why I’m really looking forward to the launch of Club Hub in early July 2016!

I came across the lovely Tessa Robinson, creator of the Club Hub App a few weeks ago on twitter. She was pitching for Voom, Richard Branson’s competition for start-ups. I was really impressed by her pitch to create a brand new app for parents to locate children’s activities and clubs!

She is also the runner up of the In Sport competition with Ideas Britain and I would definitely watch out for this lady! She is young, enthusiastic and very social media savvy. I’m sure she will go far!

Tessa told me that the idea for her app came up while she was trying to promote her musical theatre classes a couple of years ago and as she found it difficult to get across to parents. There are of course a few apps available – especially for the London area – but this one is the only app with clubs nationwide! It’s also the only app that has activities for all ages from 0 all the way to 18!

Over 2000 clubs have signed up before it’s even launched! The app is FREE to download and most importantly FREE to list your activity or club which means that it will be very attractive to club & class providers! Again there are a few apps available but they are often expensive for club to market themselves which is why most of them don’t do it!

Not only will parents be able to find classes that suit their kids ages and interests but they will also be able to pay for them via the app.

From a club perspective Club Hub will be a cost effective marketing tool (free basic listing and other options under £10) and if you don’t have your own booking system Club Hub takes away the stress of having to sort out payments in the beginning of the class!

You can connect with Tessa via her website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Disclosure: this is NOT a sponsored post. I simply support Tessa’s venture because of her enthusiasm and because I look forward to using the app!



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