7 reasons to take private yoga lessons

It doesn't matter if you have just decided to take up yoga or if you have been pracising yoga for a while - chances are that you have thought about taking private yoga lessons at some stage but are not quite sure if they are right for you.

Should you go to a group class or go for private yoga classes? When should you choose a private lesson over a group lesson?

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Group classes are great. There is nothing like practising alongside others! I love teaching them and I love going to group classes myself. There is a certain energy, you can be nosy and check out other people's poses (yes yoga is only about yourself but let's face it we've all done it!) and of course they cost less money!

Taking private yoga lessons is a very different experience and here are 7 good reasons why you should give them a try:

  1. Every body is different. A group class will always be quite general. The teacher has to cater for different body types and abilities. In a private yoga lesson you really get the personalised experience. You get 100% of the teacher's attention and they will be able to create a personalised practice plan just for you
  2. You can pick and choose the time! It can be difficult to come to a group class on a regular basis. You might rely on finishing work on time, public transport or for your partner to come home to look after the kids. When you take a private class you take that stress out of the equation
  3. You can practice in the comfort of your home. Not only can you choose the time but you can also choose the place (depending on your teacher). Some teacher's hire out small studios for your private practice which might be at an extra cost, they will travel to your home or maybe you prefer to get out of the house and come to see your teacher.  Especially if you're starting out with yoga you might feel more comfortable being in your own home - check with the teacher what your options are! 
  4. You decide what the focus of the class will be. Group classes generally have a theme and it's usually something that the teacher has decided because it's what is inspiring them at the moment or they are interested in. In a one to one class you can either let the teacher guide you or discuss your intention and goals with them beforehand. You might have had a long day at work and might really want to work on releasing shoulder tension one day so you can just mention it to your teacher and they will work around what you need. 
  5. Boost your confidence. It can be intimidating going to a yoga studio for the first time or going to a place that you've never been to, meeting lots of new people and generally not knowing what to expect. Private classes are a great way to get more confident before going to a group class. Tell your teacher that your aim is to eventually join their group classes and they will be happy to help you build up your confidence and get you all prepared. 
  6. Working through an injury. If you have an injury, any special conditions or are suffering from back pain it might be a good idea to take a few private lessons before you join a group class. The teacher will be able to help you with adapting the poses according to your needs and guide you in terms of things to look out for and what poses to avoid. 
  7. Taking your practice to the next level. Private lessons are great to work on specific goals. You might want to work on a particularly difficult pose like headstand or simply improve your practice. Whatever it is mention it to your teacher and they will be able to help you get there. 

Don't just take my word for it. Here is what some of my clients had to say about why they enjoyed taking private classes: 

“Individual sessions with Christine have been one of the most positive experiences. She teaches at just the right pace to suit me. Her focus on my specific problems have helped me manage my discomfort from scoliosis – it’s almost a thing of the past- as if it’s magic!“

"My wife suggested I take some individual sessions with Christine, having had a fantastic experience of how Yoga can help with scoliosis. As someone who has never done yoga before at all, I was at first both skeptical of the impact it could have, and nervous about my ability to do it in the first place! From start to finish, Christine has been fantastic. A real professional, Christine really takes time to understand your needs, and works with you to provide a tailored programme which works to your pace, yet always improves your abilities each session. I've found the sessions fantastic in relieving stress and tension from work during the week, and really helpful in maintaining a positive outlook."

I teach private yoga lessons in Kingston, New Malden, Wimbledon and surrounding areas as well as online session via Skype. Do get in touch with me on christine@yogaberry.net to book a FREE 30min consultation (via phone or Skype)


Hi, I’m Christine, a mum of two and I love everything to do with yoga! My blog is about how to bring yoga into our busy family lives and how to stay fit, healthy and sane. I also teach group and private yoga classes for adults and families in New Malden and Kingston.

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